"Sisters are different flowers from the same garden"

Help us by Volunteering




We need volunteers from time to time to help us search areas looking for Stacy. Stacy always went out of her way to help other people, including friends and family. Now it is our turn to help her. Most of the areas that we search are heavily wooded. Putting a team together really helps when we have a lot of ground to cover.


If you would like to join us please email your name and phone number to volunteer@searchingforstacypeterson.com.

We will contact you when we need a large group of people to help with our search efforts. We wish to thank everyone for their generosity and willingness to help!




Stacy Peterson was last seen on October 28, 2007. She was a wife, mother, sister, daughter and friend to many.

Stacy was the nicest person you will ever meet. She was always willing to help those in need and loved to cook for everyone. She was nurturing to her children and always put them first. They were her life and she would not leave them voluntarily.

Stacy was a student at Joliet Community College. She was studying nursing because she loved to take care of people. Stacy was 23 years old when she went missing.

Stacy was supposed to help paint a friend's house to  on October 28, 2007 and did not show up. Her family reported her missing shortly after that.


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All donated money will go towards the purchase of

  • Cadaver dogs
  • Ground penetrating radars
  • Hiring Experts to aid in our search
  • Travel Expenses
  • Renting equipment
  • Legal Expenses
  • ...and more


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